7 Minute and 8 ExerciseWorkout While Sitting at Your Desk

January 20, 2015    Susan Finch    Homeowner Tips, Lifestyle

1. Tap your feet.

Yes, it's that easy, but it's also that noisy if you work with others and don't have carpet. Remember, it can be heard over phone calls and video conferences.

Place your feet on the floor and start tapping them quickly, as if you’re running on the spot. You can start relatively slowly, and increase your speed as you go. You’d be surprised how quickly this little exercise will increase your heart rate. You may also feel your leg muscles, and you’ll definitely get your blood circulating better. Depending on your shoes and proximity, be considerate if there are others around you. This can be heard over the phone.

2. The Praying Position

This is one good for evening television watching, waiting in line, in a phone meeting.

Sit up straight with your feet flat on the floor, and bring the palms of your hands together in front of your chest, as if you’re praying for something (like the meeting to be over). Now push your hands together as hard as you can. You’re going to feel the muscles in your arms working. Hold this for 10-20 seconds (or more if it feels easy), and release. Repeat the sequence several times. Take the opportunity to starighten out your shoulders, too.

3. Shoulder stretching.

This can be done sitting, but we also recommend that you do a variation every hour to give your posture a break from being hunched over a keyboard.

Raise your shoulders upwards as if you’re shrugging and hold them there for a few seconds. Release, and repeat at least 15 times. Another good shoulder exercise is to roll back your shoulders until your shoulder blades are almost touching. Hold for several seconds, release, and repeat.

VARIATION: STAND up and go to the nearest doorway or door frame. Hold on to it with your right hand first and push your shoulder forward through the door. Push slowly, count to 10, rest for 3, then repeat a few more times. Then switch sides. It will open up your posture, help with arm numbness, tingling and more.

4. Elbow to Knee

This exercise uses your hands as well, so you can’t do it while working or typing, but once you get used to it, you can definitely do it while reading from your screen. Sit up straight in your chair and place your hands on the sides of your head. The point of the exercise is to bring each elbow towards the opposite knee, working on your abdominal muscles. Start by twisting your body to the right, lifting your right leg and bringing your left elbow towards your knee. Hold this position for a second, and go back to sitting upright. Now do the same thing with the right elbow and left knee. Do this over and over again. Watch your keyboard tray - it really hurts to bang into it. Be careful if you wear a headset/earbuds. This is another great one for in front of the television.

5. The Wall Sit

When you have to physically HOLD something to read or review, why not fit it into your fitness plan?  Good for waiting in line - say at a restaurant.  It will make people do a double-take.

This one does require that you leave your chair, but we all do that every once in a while. This will be perfect if there’s a wall behind your desk. If not, you can find a different wall to lean on for a few minutes. Once you find a wall, pretend you’re sitting on a chair while leaning your back on the wall. Your feet should be placed away from the wall, your knees should be bent as if you’re sitting, and your buttocks should be in the air. Keep this up as long as you can.

6. Flex those hips!

This is another perfect exercise you can do while you work, as it keeps your hands completely free. Sit straight in your chair, and keep your knees at a 90 degree angle. Now raise one foot off the floor and hold it in that position as long as you comfortably can (don’t kill yourself; you need to keep working while doing this!). Put your foot down and raise the other foot in the same way. After several repeats, you’ll definitely feel your hip muscles. Do this every day, and you’ll be strengthening your legs without leaving your desk.

7. Pick a spot and SQUEEZE!

If you find the above exercises too distracting or embarrassing, there’s something else you can do that’s almost invisible to anyone but you. Choose a muscle you want to work on (for example, your abdomen or your buttocks), squeeze it as hard as you can for 10-15 seconds, and release. Repeat this until you’ve had enough or set a number of repeats you want to do and do them.

8. 7-min.com - the 7 Minute Workout

This site is pretty easy. Have on your workout shoes, a bit of space and click START. 7 minutes - really, that's it. Add it to your daily calendar of tasks at the same time each day. Great way to wake up or unwind at night.

The 7-minute workout page will take you through 12 sets of 30 seconds each, with 10-second stops for rest after each one. Each set is comprised of a different exercise, such as jumping jacks, abdominal crunches, step-ups on a chair, and more.

Excerpts from this article came from Yaara Lancet and the original post.

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