Margo Crummack, Certified Property Manager

Margo Crummack, CCAM, PCAM

Co-Founder, Co-Principal, CEO

Upon founding Crummack Huseby in 1999, Margo saw a need for a more customized and personalized approach to community management and formed Crummack Huseby with Sandra Woods Huseby. Their mission is to create an open dialogue with communities, to focus on the core of a community, and to customize management styles to suit what’s best for each community.

Margo has over 34 years of experience and is an expert in New Project Development. Margo is also a well-respected speaker and educator within the industry, serving on the Education Committee for CAI-OC and CACM’s Education Review Committee, and Faculty.

Sandra L. Huseby, Certified Property Manager

Sandra Woods Huseby, PCAM, CCAM

Co-founder, Co-principal, COO

A Southern Californian her whole life, Sandy has deep roots and strong working relationships in Orange County.  Even after earning her college degree in Communications and Business at Gonzaga University, she returned immediately to start her career in community management at a prestigious firm in Newport Beach and worked her way up to Vice President in a short time.

With over 30 years in the community management industry, Sandy has made an impact at Crummack Huseby Property Management, Inc., but has also set a high standard among leaders in the industry.  Her company’s legacy has advanced through her development and implementation of streamlined systems while still maintaining the highest level of long-term client satisfaction.

Traveling as a way to unwind and explore is Sandy’s passion.  Exploring Europe, Italy, and much of South America, her best moments around the world have been seeing the world untouched, and the risk she took bungie jumping in Ecuador.

Taking strategic risks is what makes Sandy so invaluable to the industry.  As a leader and mentor at Crummack Huseby Property Management, Inc., Sandy continues to embrace her own career by becoming a member of the world’s leading peer advisory membership organization—Vistage Group.  Sandy joins this distinguished group to share expertise with other business leaders in their communities, “I encounter new lessons and solutions by helping people at Crummack Huseby Property Management, Inc., and in our community, every day.”  Sandy also holds the industry designation of PCAM and CCAM.

Cynthia Manfre Valdes

SVP of Operations

When you’ve worked in the association management business for over 30 years, you know how things work from all levels. Cynthia Manfre Valdes has managed large scale communities, acquired extensive experience in management operations, and she’s also worked closely with general contracting firms and landscape contractors, including a large-scale master-planned community of 15,000 homes.

Cynthia has been a guiding force in advancing technologies for homeowners. Her previous knowledge and implementation of accounting operations for a national management firm created a seamless integration and transition to a new software platform for 200 associations in Southern California.

Her strength is in her hands-on approach. She previously operated on-site management of an association with 1700 homes, a beach & tennis club, Lakeview Learning Center (accredited preschool), two lakes, a swim lagoon, and forests. That community’s amenities needed renovations, both visually and legally, and Cynthia’s involvement ensured the swim lagoon’s upgrades would pass government regulations and current standards of safety. She also established a management plan and a Mussel control plan for the lakes by working closely with the environmental scientists at the Department of Fish & Wildlife to alleviate future liability due to the spread of an invasive species. Add to that list the overhaul of the learning center and the fitness center and you’d think it would be too much of a task for anybody. But not for Cynthia. Her knowledge, plus strategic approach to these large projects, added new life to the community.

When Cynthia is not busy elevating the community experiences of Crummack Huseby’s clients, she continues to develop her passion for nutrition and wellness. She enjoys the outdoors and has been a long-distance runner for many years.

Erin Rice

Erin Rice


A native Southern Californian, Erin Rice received her degree in Business Economics with an Emphasis in Accounting from the University of California at Santa Barbara.  She began her property management career in the accounting department of Fashion Island Management 25 years ago.  For the last 17 years, Erin has managed accounting teams and implemented new processes. She instituted a policy for her division of 24-hour, customer response time, creating a new company policy for a previous employer. Erin has extensive experience in HOA accounting working primarily with large onsite and newly developing communities. Having worked with many of Southern California’s top builders, Erin understands the necessity of incorporating the California Bureau of Real Estate (BRE) documents into the set-up of a phasing community.

At Crummack Huseby, Erin manages and mentors a team of 7 in the daily maintenance of Homeowner Association finances. She and her team are responsible for funds, vendor payments, and to ensure individual homeowner accounts are properly maintained with the end result of providing a comprehensive statement of the financial health of the community.  As a Controller, Erin finds it important to help all HOA boards with a financial and emotional understanding that an individual’s home may be the largest, single investment in their lifetime. “These things require a greater level of care, understanding, and responsiveness on our part when dealing with our customers and their concerns.”

As an experienced Controller, she believes customer service is key and Erin will be the first to say there is always a creative solution that will both satisfy the client and maintain the financial integrity of the community. “Attitude is everything, and one of the most important qualities in a good leader is the ability to listen.”

Kara Beers, CMCA, AMS, PCAM

Director of Operations

Kara Beers brings over a decade of leadership experience and expertise in Community Management to her role as Director of Operations at Crummack Huseby. With a solid commitment to excellence and a proven track record of success, Kara is dedicated to driving innovation and shaping the industry's future.

Kara's role at Crummack Huseby extends beyond overseeing operational functions. She is pivotal on the leadership team, spearheading strategic initiatives that drive the company's growth. Her extensive experience and leadership acumen make her an asset to the team.

Before joining Crummack Huseby, Kara held various leadership positions, where she has been recognized for her dedication to delivering exceptional service and fostering growth within her teams. 

Kara actively participates in industry associations, notably serving on committees for the Community Associations Institute (CAI). Her commitment to professional development was recognized in 2021 when she achieved the esteemed Professional Community Association Manager (PCAM) designation, a testament to her dedication to excellence in Community Management.

Recognized for her passion for education and empowerment, Kara was honored with the Speaker of the Year award in 2023 for her outstanding contributions to an educational seminar tailored for Community Managers and Board members.

As Director of Operations at Crummack Huseby, Kara Beers remains dedicated to driving innovation, fostering collaboration, and delivering exceptional service to clients.