7 Essential Elements To Creating Community

March 28, 2018    Education, Homeowner Tips, Manager Musings

Ideas to kickstart an engaged and elevated neighborhood.

At Crummack Huseby we recognize each community is unique. This belief is one of the cornerstones of our own community and success. We take the time to understand your operations, administration, infrastructure, the board of directors and homeowners to truly engage your community’s unique interests and aspirational needs.

In order to do this successfully, we know there are seven essential elements:

Identify Your Vision Statement.  

A well thought out vision statement acts as a catalyst for association initiatives and provides a framework for developing teamwork among all parties who are responsible for achieving the vision and goals of the community.

A “Third Place.”

Your anchors are an identifiable hub of the social activity of a community. Third places have the following hallmarks: highly accessible, food and drinks can be enjoyed, is acknowledged as a “regular” place of communal gatherings, is welcoming, comfortable and provides opportunities to meet with new and old friends.


The inclusion of individuals representing various national origins, ethnic backgrounds, cultures, and multi-generations.

Engagement with Local Leaders.

Collaboration with local government and political leaders to ensure that the community's best interests are advocated for effectively.

Event-Based Philanthropy.

Giving back through charitable organizations as a community. Gather to give to local food bank donations, create a knitting club to donate blankets to women’s shelters, or participating in litter clean-up efforts in the local area.

Business Partnerships.

Local vendors are critical to the success and strength of a community association. Inviting business vendors to participate in the social life of the community through the sponsorship of events or volunteering to assist with community activities can help with community engagement and help with event costs.

Social Events.

Activities within community association are integral to homeowner quality of life and well-being. Plus, it brings a sense of belonging that forges a strong foundation of goodwill and satisfaction within the community.


If this sounds like something you’d like to bring to your neighborhood, we’re here to elevate and inspire your community. Let’s start the conversation. << CLICK HERE TO GET STARTED >>



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