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Current Certified Vendor Commitment

Are you currently a certified CH Vendor? Then you know the process, and we'd like to thank you for working with us to give our customers the insurance, business, and license information they need to choose your company to serve their communities.

Your goal is the same as ours: to provide good service to our clients and protect them from unexpected costs and risks by working with licensed and insured vendors.

Not Yet a Certified Vendor

Being a Certified Vendor gives the Community Management team the confidence to present your company to their boards and recommend you as a service provider. We will require you first to provide additional insured endorsements specific to each community to which you would like to provide services. Our secure online process makes this easy so you can provide this information to multiple associations with a click of a button.

We have partnered with an independent Asset Protection Vendor Compliance and Recruiting company, Association Service Network (ASN) to manage the certification process. To become a Certified Vendor, new vendors must submit licenses, W9 forms, insurance documentation, and a questionnaire. Vendors are required to provide answers that are true, correct, and current. You must register your company online through our third-party partner, ASN.

After submission and approval, suppliers must agree to notify Crummack Huseby via the ASN website to alter their company's online records if any event or condition may affect an association's decision to engage or continue working with the firm. Licenses, insurance coverage, and other modifications are examples.

Choose from two certification levels:

Certified Service Provider: Basic $99.00*  

When registering with the Basic Program, Crummack Huseby classifies your company as a Certified Service Provider for all of their managed associations. Immediately upon registering, you are added to Crummack Huseby’s Vendor Directory. This allows all Crummack Huseby's managers to view your company's Information and Compliance Status.



Certified Service Provider: Elite $199.00* 

As an Elite Service Provider, you will have the added benefit of additional resources that ASN presents to Crummack Huseby’s Managers: 

ASN Elite Service Provider Certification

  1. Highlighted listing on the Vendor Directory and RFP Network.
  2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) resource program that helps maximize all of your company's websites."
  3. A Traffic Catcher Website: A single-page website to promote your company's products and services to Crummack Huseby's Professional Property Management Managers and Association Board Members. Your Traffic Catcher Website will help Association Managers get additional information about your company. 
  4. A Mobile website with a QR code. According to Pew Internet, 91% of U.S. Adults own a Cell Phone, and 56% of U.S. Adults own a Smart Phone. Over 60% of Adult Cell Phone owners use their phones to access the internet, and 49% get directions, product or service recommendations. If your business lacks a Mobile Website, this ONE feature will help leverage your business, which is why you want to be an Elite member. 

* ASN charges each registering vendor an annual fee (Basic $99.00 or Elite $199.00) for verifying that your relevant insurance coverage and licensing meet all requirements. This annual fee is paid directly to ASN for their Risk Management services. This fee includes ALL associations you do work for Crummack Huseby Property Management. There is NO additional cost for each additional association.


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