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We ask for feedback, listen to it, and then we initiate modifications because we believe Crummack Huseby evolves when we are open to the changes happening within your community, your homeowner's association, and within the community management industry.  We’re accessible so our clients know they can count on our personalized attention.  This inspires them to brag about us—and we’re proud of that too.

Association Management Testimonials

"They're always available to offer advice and suggestions, they are forthcoming with information and will help you to get your architectural application approved the first time." 

Sarah G
Landscape Architect
YELP Review


Association Management Testimonials

"Crummack Huseby ranks at the top. Most of my interaction is with Brittany and Melissa and they are both very professional with the added bonus of a joy to work with. Now if only I could say that about all our homeowners. Margo and Sandy, the owners, should also be commended for creating an environment that allows their employees to excel." 

Matthew Lewis, Member at Large
West Irvine Maintenance Association
876 unit community
Customer since 2002

Yelp Review orange county association management testimonial

"Crummack Huseby is a 5 star HOA as far as I see it living here at Baker Ranch. Though I did not use the company for anything other than just having a resident/HOA interactions here at Baker Ranch, my experience with the HOA has always been positive. From landscaping to improvements, from servicing to open ticket items, the responsible parties have always been accountable and response to my inquiries. This is the only HOA in all my experience with HOAs that truly work with homeowners and being flexible at times, something never seen in my previous experience. So, since I am in the neighborhood here, I would like to give Crummack Huseby a positive review, something they deserved."

Baker Ranch Association

David D. Piper orange county association management testimonial

“It really is apparent how much you care about this place and I am thankful for your personal and professional dedication to Northpark. I am also thankful for your steady hand and guidance over the years. I've learned something new from you literally every single month that I've served.”

David D. Piper, Former Board Member
Northpark Maintenance Association

Irvine master community
Customer since 2000

Yelp Review - Douglas P. orange county association management testimonial

"We are relatively new clients of Crummack Huseby (moved in to the their Palisades community in Yorba Linda).  My wife and I have been incredibly happy with the wonderful service we have received from Kayla McLemore.  She has been extremely responsive to our initial questions and requests.  We couldn't be more pleased with Kayla's commitment to providing wonderful service."


Yelp Review - Bobby A. orange county association management testimonial

"Great Mgmt company to work with.  We have seen consistent growth in their company and great care for the employees and accounts that they manage.  For us, it has been a pleasure to work with this team that lives it's company values through the work that they do.  Truly a passionate organization."

YELP REVIEW | Mission Viejo, CA

Yelp Review - Sue B orange county association management testimonial

"I can't say enough about Kathy Duninger.  Very professional, very helpful and quick to respond.   You make my job much easier.  Thank you!"


Yelp Review - Frank B. orange county association management testimonial

"Crummack Huseby is an amazing group of professional property managers in Orange County.   Their knowledge and management skills are at the very top of HOA managing and representation. For over 8 + years of volunteering on a HOA Board of Directors, I had the absolute pleasure of having Crummack Huseby as our Community Managment company.  They know how to work with a Board of Directors providing excellent guidance and  Strength to board members as well as homeowners.  I personally believe, any Home Owners Association that is searching for a strong dedicated Management Company should contact and interview Crummack Huseby Management Company. You would be in very good hands and find that you have made the right choice."


Yelp Review - Hal N. orange county association management testimonial

I'm a contractor that works with CH and I must say everyone I come in contact with in every department is extremely professional, helpful and cheerful. Jamie and Sarah are truly amazing! They are first class all the way. Very quick in response time and their managed properties are meticulously taken care of. It's a pleasure working together with this wonderful company.

YELP REVIEW | Lake Forest, CA

Yelp Review - Sara W. orange county association management testimonial

Whenever I need something Rebeccah is fast to respond and resolve my issue promptly. I wake up daily appreciative and grateful to live in a Taylor Morrison community. No one likes paying HOA dues BUT it feels great to have peace of mind knowing I can communicate easily with my community management.

YELP REVIEW | San Marcos, CA

Yelp Review - Michael M. orange county association management testimonial

In my experience they have been very quick to respond which is unlike previous HOA firms we've had. 
In addition everyone there was helpful. Really nothing negative to say, all good things.

YELP REVIEW | Los Angeles, CA

Yelp Review - Omar M. orange county association management testimonial

Very happy with the professionalism and quality of service from Crummack Huseby. A very top level HOA and seems to have a great team in their organization. I'd like to thank Brittany Ray in particular for all her wonderful help and great communication skills.

Omar M.

Yelp Review - Steve R. orange county association management testimonial

Great experience with Crummack Huseby across all areas of their staff but in particular our property manager Cymoni is absolutely outstanding. I've been HOA president for the last 3 or so years and Cymoni helps us navigate through the various issues with experience, knowledge, patience and a smile. She's direct, honest, and thorough. It's critical to have a good HOA/Management Co relationship as sitting on the board is a thankless (and often brutal) role. Partnering with Cymoni makes it bearable and at times even fun.

Steve R.

Yelp Review - Kari S. orange county association management testimonial

I have to say that if I had given a review 6 months ago, it would not be pretty. Our account, unfortunately, went through a lot of issues and was in a terrible place due to some transitions that took place within the company. Fortunately, Crummack Huseby was able to recognize the problems and began working an adamantly in addressing the concerns and to turn our account around. Veronica has been a blessing since taking over our account. I appreciate good customer service and that is something that you will receive with Crummack Huseby. Thank you for hearing our concerns, recognizing the issues and working with us in a positive fashion to resolve and move forward together!

Kari S.
YELP REVIEW | Chino Hills, CA

Yelp Review - Willy W. orange county association management testimonial

I have been working with Ashley Koehler at Crummack Huseby on my property for as long as I can remember. She is always willing to go out of her ways to help us with any issues. I just learned she has been transferred to another department. I just want to thank her for all of her help she had provided us and wish her the best of luck.

Willy W.
YELP REVIEW | Chino Hills, CA

Yelp Review - Roy F. orange county association management testimonial

This is our property management company for Upland Central and it seems like it is an organization that is always working for continual improvement to be better. In layman terms, it is doing a lot of "on the job" training to see what systems and processes work best and will figure it out and seems to be getting better.

The glue for us at least is Jessica Robertson who does Yeoman duty and works at warped speed to make the customer happy. She has been pro active , responsive, fastidious in her approach and seems to understand what others before her failed at which includes simple return of emails and calls! She also understands the vendors who have taken advantage of situations that they were entrusted to and have taken their own liberties which are peeves of the homeowners.

Roy F.
YELP REVIEW | Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Upland Central

Yelp Review - Mike L. orange county association management testimonial

Crummack Huseby has been great for our community in my opinion.  Our HOA seems well managed from my perspective and Jessica has been responsive to my questions and concerns.  Thank you for making sure our neighborhood stays clean!

Mike L.

Yelp Review - Adrianne C. orange county association management testimonial

We cannot praise Courtney Chastain highly enough as the Director of our community management. She is always quick to respond and gets things done in an incredibly efficient manner. She has helped us with several issues and always replies quickly and her turn around time is terrific. We hope she has a long career with Crummack Huseby.

Adrianne C.
YELP REVIEW | Trabuco Canyon, CA

Yelp Review - Kevin K. orange county association management testimonial

Jessica Roberson is a community manager for Stonegate East community in Irvine. She went the extra mile to make sure leaves scattered around the front porch of my house is taken care of by landscaping company. Highly recommended!

Kevin K.

Stonegate East

Yelp Review - Jessica L. orange county association management testimonial

I had a very positive experience with the service from Crummack Huseby property management company today.   There was a wasp nest forming on the top of my garage door and we reported to the property management right away as we have little kids at home and we were really concerned.  Even though that was a Saturday, the property management still had the pest control company to come and clear the wasp nest as soon as possible. Rebeccah from the property management was the one assisting us and she followed up with the pest control company twice to ensure we got the wasp nest cleared within the same day.  That was such a relief to know we can have our kids play outside without the risk of being attacked by the wasps.

Jessica L.

Yelp Review - Jeff A. orange county association management testimonial

Beverly Gish is our Recreation Director at Travata in Irvine, she plans the best parties every month for us with great catered food and keeps it in the budget. She works hard on making everything nice for us residents and spends her own time helping late with the parties, and comes up with innovative ideas as to what we can enjoy as recreational activities here in Travata.

Jeff A.


Yelp Review - Bongiorno M. orange county association management testimonial

Vanesa Collis a representative of our property management has really turned client satisfaction around. I am seeing 24hr results with my tickets in her care, and feel she genuinely strives to close out our concerns swiftly.

Thank you so much Vanessa, for you professionalism, compassion and new level of care you bring to Crummack Huseby.

Bongiorno M.
YELP REVIEW | Newport Beach, CA

Yelp Review - Alex G. orange county association management testimonial

I have been living in the Hidden Canyon Community managed by Crummack Huseby for 2 years now. This is a new community in Irvine and I have dealt with them a lot for construction of my outdoor landscape, installing my pool and solar panels. I have to say that I'm very pleased with their responsiveness especially Melissa Luther and Courtney Chastain. This a sharp contrast from the previous community when I lived in Tustin where my experience was not so great. CH-PM great job in finding such committed individuals and keep up the great work!!!

Alex G.

Hidden Canyon Community

Yelp Review - Gigi U orange county association management testimonial

Jessica is helpful and nice. She was able to assist me in getting HOA docs and lender questions for my loan.

I really appreciate her service!!

Gigi U.
YELP REVIEW | San Gabriel, CA

Yelp Review - Carl P. orange county association management testimonial

Melissa Luther could not have been any more helpful. I ran into several challenges with my rear yard landscaping, which caused several delays. Melissa's reassurance and thoughtfulness helped get me through what turned out to be somewhat of a difficult process. She is a true definition of customer service, one that is somewhat rare in property management based on my experiences with other management companies. Her assistance was very much appreciated!

Carl P.
YELP REVIEW | Lake Forest, CA

Yelp Review - E.H orange county association management testimonial

Had I left this review a year ago, it would probably only have been for a couple stars.  It always took a very long time to get simple responses, and the turn around made it hard to experience any continuity.  Furthermore, when our community was scheduled for a painting project, it was an utter nightmare.  We were all sent the wrong schematics for our color schemes, and many folks painted their homes in colors that did not at all match their overall style before management finally recognized its error.  

The positive review today is based on my experience with the new team working with our community and specifically with Melissa Luther and Rachel Flores.  It is the first time I have ever worked with them, and I was impressed with the speed, professionalism, and efficiency with which they acknowledged and rectified an error regarding a letter we had received stating that we were out of compliance with the painting project.  Melissa quickly researched and confirmed that we were indeed in compliance, and Rachel sent official confirmation that we were in compliance by the end of the day.  Mistakes happen.  We all understand that.  Being able to handle them well, respectfully, and without wasting the customer's time is what separates the quality management I experienced today from what our past experience has been.  I am pleased and hopeful for good things for our community moving forward.  Thanks so much to this new team.

YELP REVIEW | San Francisco, CA

Yelp Review - Mike R. orange county association management testimonial

It's not common for me to write reviews, good or bad, but felt compelled to do so for Lauren Dantuono with Crummack Huseby. From my first email and phone call to Lauren she was helpful, understanding to my urgent needs, friendly and knowledgeable. She came into am issue that started before her and quickly got her arms around it, gave me the details/direction/forms needed and was more than prompt in helping come to a resolution.

What could've been a very big issue for my wife and I, ended up getting resolved swiftly and with minimal follow up. Lauren was a pleasure to speak and to correspond with. She is an asset for Crummack and her peers!

Mike R.
YELP REVIEW | Chino Hills, CA

Yelp Review - Hugues L orange county association management testimonial

Crummack is a top-notch HOA management company. We often work together. The manager that I often work with is Melissa Yuran. She has very good work ethics and attends all the community needs very fast. Her unique style makes it a lot easier for all.
I have worked with a lot of HOA managers, and it is extremely rare to find people as dedicated and talented as Melissa. I am thankful for all her work, and the human side that she has in her dealings with people.

Hugues L.
YELP REVIEW | Carlsbad, CA

Yelp Review - Chris R. orange county association management testimonial

We've been working with Rebeccah Jimenez for many years now and she's always been professional, responsive and reliable! Crummack Huseby and the associations she works on are lucky to have someone like her! Thank you, Rebeccah!!

Chris R.
YELP REVIEW | San Francisco, CA

Yelp Review - Valerie R. orange county association management testimonial

Our landscape company has been fortunate enough to service many HOA's in Southern California that the Crummack Huseby team manages and oversees. Everyone on the CH team is very knowledgeable, hard-working, reliable, and responsive. Knowing we have a partner like Crummack at a community makes us confident that together we can provide the best possible services to each HOA. We're lucky to work with such great professionals in the industry!

Valerie R.

Yelp Review - Steve M. orange county association management testimonial

Ashley Koehler at Crummack Huseby has been a great manager for our community! She is prompt, friendly, and always goes the extra mile. Whenever we have a request we can always count on Ashley to get it done right!

Steve M.
YELP REVIEW | Chino Hills, CA

Yelp Review - Carlo T. orange county association management testimonial

I wanted to leave a positive review for Melissa Yuran.  We had an issue with a misunderstanding with our HOA and she was able to not only take care of the issue but also proactively address future reoccurrences with her and the HOAs management team.  Awesome working with her!

Carlo T.

Yelp Review - Mark S orange county association management testimonial

We need to have some work done to our deck and the contractor we've hired became available earlier than we had anticipated. I scrambled to get the HOA approval paperwork together and sent it off to Crummack Huseby a few days ago. Melissa Luther, the Senior Architectural Coordinator, helped me through the process and rushed my application through the system so that I could have the contractor start ASAP. I was expecting a 30-day wait, but Melissa got the approval to me within 2 days--a very welcome surprise! So now the work can start immediately and we're not in danger of losing the contractor to another job while waiting for HOA approval. Needless to say, I'm very happy with my experience with Crummack Huseby.

Mark S
YELP REVIEW | Trabuco Canyon, CA

Yelp Review - Mitch G. orange county association management testimonial

The best. I have lived here for ten years. Ever wonder what our monthly fees go towards? In the middle of a pandemic, I sent an email with a maintenance request, received an instant reply, and the next day a maintenance crew was out to fix the problem. The landscapers make my home look like new.

Way back, as an original homeowner, I noticed a construction defect. There was a problem with the tiles in my driveway. Some were loose. I just let the management company know about it, and the problem was fixed. They sent a crew out in the blazing sun, during a pandemic, and made my driveway look brand new. Sharing a five-star review for tremendous work. Thanks to Jessica Roberson, Community Manager, Crummack Huseby Inc.

Mitch G.

Yelp Review - Rick S. orange county association management testimonial

I have to say I was a little concerned starting and submitting my house projects with the impact of Covid restrictions on offices and personnel, but Melissa and the architectural committee are definitely on top of things and working quickly and efficiently! My submission was reviewed and sent back without a hitch!

Rick S.

Lower Peters Canyon

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