Creating Your Community DNA

June 10, 2018    Education, Manager Musings

Perhaps the greatest achievement for any community association is the creation of community.

A dynamic community is an intentional and inclusive endeavor which always requires the involvement of several stakeholders. When Crummack Huseby has the opportunity to guide the creation of community, we see firsthand how this elevates, sustains and improves a community association. When all constituents – developers, professional management companies, boards of directors and homeowners focus their collective efforts to the singular goal of positively cultivating the community, the collective is elevated above the individual. We are here to guide but ultimately, homeowners maintain ongoing responsibility and obligation to ensure the strength and vibrancy of their community. It takes effort but it is worthwhile for the long-term joy. 

“Never doubt that a small, group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has”.
-- Margaret Mead

The DNA is the Foundation.

Once we help you harness your community’s DNA, it is easier to provide the structure for all of the association’s endeavors. The community DNA, much like human DNA, characterizes what unique traits, qualities or features a community will have—from its inception and into the future.

It Takes More Than a Homeowner.

At the inception/formation of the community, the developer, through master planning and building of the project creates the initial vision of the community. The developer, aided by a professional management company, set the organizational, administrative and maintenance principles of the community in place. The board of directors provide the policy governance and leadership within the community. The homeowners are ultimately the final stakeholders and stewards of the community’s DNA.

Connections Grow & Strengthen.

When community is successfully created, there is a sense of belongingness and connection among homeowners, the board of directors and professional management. As a result, commonality and goodwill is cultivated and sustained within the community. It is important that the homeowners understand that for a community to remain strong, it must be willing to evolve, improve and reinvent itself.

Positivity Multiplies through Communication.

At the end of the day, communities are made up of people! Critical to the creation of community is a sense of fun and generosity. The work of creating community should be engaging and filled with fun times which gratify all. The business of creating community is work which requires collaborative focus and the ability to find joy in the process! Through consistent and direct communication, homeowners actively engage with the developer and community management.

Authentic Trust is Earned.

Homeowners are confident in the stewardship of the board of directors as leaders and trust the vision the HOA board has for the community is a correct and attainable. Successfully created communities built on trust are stable and able to weather tough times—a testament to their DNA.

Harmonious Communities Help Property Values.

When community is successfully created, the ability of the homeowners to face challenging times and develop an action plan to overcome them as a collective is much, much easier. A community that lacks harmony can lead to decreased property values, having a detrimental effect on a community.


Perhaps the greatest achievement for any community association is the creation of community. HOAs seek out Crummack Huseby to take them from ordinary to extraordinary! We take the time to understand the community’s operations, administration, infrastructure, board of directors and homeowners. It is through this understanding that we elevate your HOA and community DNA. If you’d like to know how to implement these learnings into your HOA or community, let’s start the conversation. << CLICK HERE TO GET STARTED >>



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