Can the HOA Board Borrow Money from the Reserves?

August 29, 2023    Education

When unexpected expenses arise, leaving the HOA boards in a bind, they may turn to reserve funds as a solution. But can the HOA board borrow money from the reserves? And can they borrow money from the reserves without following a formal process? Discover the essential information you need to know to manage your HOA funds responsibly and safeguard your community's interests.

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Can HOA Board Members Meet in Private?

August 1, 2023    Education, Homeowner Tips

Homeowner's groups are very interested and worried about whether or not HOA board members can meet in secret. In this article, we'll discuss details of secret HOA board meetings and the legal and moral questions that need to be considered. Even though private talks can be helpful, keeping things open and following government agreements and local rules is important to protect the community's best interests. The short answer is YES but with a few exceptions.

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HOA Insurance and Wildfires Issues

July 10, 2023    Education, Safety

In 1994, the damages from the Northridge Earthquake set off a major property insurance crisis that threatened the Insurance and Real Estate market while simultaneously decimating the pocketbooks of many California consumers. Today, we face an even bigger crisis, triggered by wildfires and other weather-related claims. How we got here, the dynamics at play and what the future might hold can help us in dealing with this crisis.

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Do you know the difference between Bylaws and CC&Rs?

April 1, 2023    Margo Crummack CEO/Principal    Education

It’s easy to get confused about Bylaws and CC&Rs. They are both rules, so to speak, by which the HOA Board and Corporation of your community govern itself. But a clear difference is who the rules are governed for and how they are applied. 

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How Important Is It For Your HOA Board Members To Be Well-Trained?

March 15, 2023    Education

Joining a board can be a great way to give back to your community and make a positive impact. Just as businesses invest in employee training to help them adjust to their new roles, associations should do the same for their board members. Board members need basic skills and knowledge to fulfill their roles and responsibilities. Providing HOA board member training for new members to have a thriving community is essential. By providing governance, finances, and risk management training, associations can help ensure that their boards are prepared to make informed decisions and effectively carry out their duties.

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How to Provide HOA Board Training for New Members

March 1, 2023    Education

Many homeowners' associations (HOAs) rely on their board of directors to keep the community running smoothly. Although these individuals are volunteers and not paid for their services, it is essential that they receive proper training to ensure they can fulfill their roles effectively.  New members need to have the information and skills required from day one - here's a look at how to ensure that happens.

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Effective HOA Board Meeting Tips

February 1, 2023    CH Site Administrator    Education

HOA board meetings should be positive and productive and in most cases, conducted in two hours or less. Below are some tips for running an effective board meeting and get back on track toward achieving your mission.

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How To Benefit by Partnering with a Community Management Company

November 4, 2022    Education

Creating a thriving community requires a great vision and an experienced community management team to bring it to life. That's why many home builders and developers partner with a professional community management team during the planning phase to ensure that the operational goals of the association are thoughtfully vetted and strategically planned to execute the builder's vision.

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October 3, 2022    Education

One of the primary responsibilities of every homeowner’s association (HOA) is to manage the finances responsibly and efficiently; this is not limited to collecting dues and fees from residents and then using that money to improve the community. What should be included in managing the finances but is often not because it can be less clear is providing residents with a good return on their investment.

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What you need to know before hiring a community management company

June 3, 2022    Education

The good news is that selecting the right community management company will make your job as an HOA Board Member a lot easier. On the other hand, there are a lot of property management companies to choose from, so finding the ideal fit for your community association will take some time.

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What Are HOA Accounting Services? Everything You Need to Know

December 22, 2021    Education

What does it take to maintain a neighborhood? Why is it that some neighborhoods have swimming pools and others don't? 

The truth is that homeowner's associations (HOAs) are responsible for this. They are the entity that makes sure the whole neighborhood is well maintained and safe. They ensure that any amenities are usable. But they can't do this for free. Residents must pay fees if they want to enjoy these benefits. Then the problem is that someone has to manage that money. Professional HOA accounting services often help HOAs keep on top of finances. Read on to learn what HOA financial services are and why your HOA needs them.

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Why You Should Choose Crummack Huseby to Manage Your HOA

May 7, 2021    Education, Homeowner Tips, Lifestyle

If the board of directors at your community association is considering hiring a community manager, it can be tough to establish which company is right for you. This process may seem confusing, but when it comes to hiring the right management company for your association, you should pay attention to the basics.

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5 Signs that it is Time to Change HOA Management Companies

May 7, 2021    Education, Homeowner Tips, Lifestyle

Changing HOA management companies can be a stressful process but is often necessary. When an association management company engages in improper behavior or fails to see your association's vision, the board of directors should terminate the contract and go shopping for a new community manager. 

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March 5, 2020    Crummack Huseby News, Education

An ardent advocate for industry education and leadership throughout her career, Margo is excited to speak on March 11 to industry peers about Leadership and Ethics in decision-making.  

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Deliver Results

November 21, 2019    MARGO CRUMMACK, CCAM, PCAM 
CO-FOUNDER, CO-PRINCIPAL, CEO    Education, Lifestyle


Every business is results-driven, but it's essential to understand what it means for your business, for your clients, and your personal career growth. At Crummack Huseby, we look at the Results-Based Management theory as a guide to be more productive.

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Invest in Relationships

October 29, 2019    Sandra L. Huseby, Co-Founder, Co-Principal, COO    Education


Relationships and trust are such an amazing, incredible thing to build.  It can be challenging to build, but it is one of the most rewarding things that one can have in life.  Our business is built on trust and trust is built on relationships.  We must try to make smart decisions that enhance long-term relationships because strong relationships enable us to successfully work through difficult issues and challenging times.

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How to Improve Your Association's Financial Stability this Budget Season

September 19, 2019    MARGO CRUMMACK, CCAM, PCAM 

Are you adequately meeting your operating expenses, or are you cutting corners to AVOID raising assessments? This is an important question to ask because the board of directors has a fiduciary responsibility to ensure they have adopted an efficient budget that will meet their actual operating expenses. 

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August 21, 2019    Education, Homeowner Tips

When researching a property management company, the technology they use is important to help increase the ease of awareness and communication for homeowners and HOA Board Members. Your chosen property management company should have software to make a homeowner’s life easier. Emails are still a great way to send off a quick question, and we still get calls, but our busy lives are a little less busy with smart technology. Before you sign with a property management company, have them walk you through their technology.

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Blameless Problem Solving

July 16, 2019    Courtney Chastain, CCAM, Director of Community Management    Education, Manager Musings

CH PRINCIPLE #13: Blameless Problem Solving Takes Practice

It’s our instinct, when faced with a problem, to quickly wonder HOW it could happen? Even if you had all the best preventive measures in place or perhaps you even safeguarded a situation so that nothing would go wrong…things can still go wrong.

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July 11, 2019    Education, Homeowner Tips

Those earthquakes over the holiday weekend rattled all of us, and for good reason. Experts warn us about the foreshocks and the aftershocks, but it’s also important to discuss how we can stay prepared for the next earthquake.

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