15 Years and I have never looked back: Our journey.

February 18, 2014    Sandra L. Huseby, Co-Founder, Co-Principal, COO    Crummack Huseby News

It’s amazing how what life throws at you unexpectedly can turn into a powerful and positive new adventure. 

Fifteen years ago, stability and security were very important to me. I was in the throes of the middle stages of my personal and professional life. My husband and I were raising two kids, and had a mortgage to pay. I was working at a company that I loved, and had seen it grow from six people to 35! I felt that company’s values lined up nicely with mine, as they were very dedicated to the clients and staff. I was very invested and dedicated to the owners and staff. They were like family. The company provided me with that sense of stability and security that I valued so deeply, and I gave them my all in return.

As the company grew, the owners brought in someone from the outside to run the show. Unfortunately, with this change, a change in the company culture came with it. As such, the new leadership decided that I was no longer an asset to the company and let me go. I was shocked and saddened when that happened.

Enter: Margo. We relied heavily on each other during the days and weeks after I was let go. She didn’t feel that the company was going in the direction she wanted to go, and Margo began looking for opportunities elsewhere. After several weeks and frustrations later, Margo quit.

Shortly after Margo left, she got a call that led us to a fantastic opportunity on a large project. We jumped right in. Our values and beliefs aligned perfectly with each other and we decided we would partner up and become what we are known as today: Crummack Huseby Property Management. We involved others that shared our vision and values, and we have never looked back.

Fifteen years later, as we look back at those humble and, if I’m being honest, slightly scary beginnings, I can honestly say it’s been an exciting adventure. We are constantly learning and growing, with a new adventure to greet us every day. We never get bored, that’s for sure! I have always enjoyed the freedom and opportunities for learning that come with being in the property management industry. I’ve loved taking this partnership with Margo and watching what we began grow into a thriving property management firm. We feel so blessed to still be managing the bulk of the properties that we began with all those years ago. Most, either Margo or I have personally managed.

A company is made up of people, and we are certainly not alone. Some of the board members who began with us are still with us today. We’ve also met some new and very talented, incredible people who have joined the boards throughout the years. Without their insights and energy, I doubt we would have been able to grow and get stronger the way that we have. We owe our board members a debt of gratitude.

Most of all, I feel extremely fortunate to have an amazing, talented business partner in Margo. We share the same vision, core values and goals, and that partnership has taken my unexpected curve in the road to a place I never dreamed it could be. What an amazing adventure the last 15 years have been, and I can’t wait to see how we grow, change, and dream in the next 15.

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