Blameless Problem Solving

July 16, 2019    Courtney Chastain, CCAM, Director of Community Management    Education, Manager Musings

CH PRINCIPLE #13: Blameless Problem Solving Takes Practice

It’s our instinct, when faced with a problem, to quickly wonder HOW it could happen? Even if you had all the best preventive measures in place or perhaps you even safeguarded a situation so that nothing would go wrong…things can still go wrong.

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Creating Your Community DNA

June 10, 2018    Education, Manager Musings

Perhaps the greatest achievement for any community association is the creation of community.

A dynamic community is an intentional and inclusive endeavor which always requires the involvement of several stakeholders. When Crummack Huseby has the opportunity to guide the creation of community, we see firsthand how this elevates, sustains and improves a community association. 

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7 Essential Elements To Creating Community

March 28, 2018    Education, Homeowner Tips, Manager Musings

Ideas to kickstart an engaged and elevated neighborhood.

At Crummack Huseby we recognize each community is unique. This belief is one of the cornerstone’s of our own community and success. We take the time to understand your operations, administration, infrastructure, board of directors and homeowners to truly engage your community’s unique interests and aspirational needs.

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Manager Musings: A quick guide to assessments, their impact on your dues, and how they’re determined

August 3, 2017    Jennifer Norton, CCAM, CMCA    Manager Musings

Jennifer Norton brings us a breakdown of assessments and budgets in our latest MANAGER MUSINGS post for Crummack Huseby. Let us know what questions you’d like to see in MANAGER MUSINGS and we’ll answer them in future posts.

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Manager Musings: Ever Wondered What Your Community Manager Does?

May 25, 2017    Jennifer Norton, CCAM, CMCA    Manager Musings

From daily tasks to complex problem solving, we’ll share what you should expect from someone who manages your property.

A Community Manager must wear many hats, and oftentimes change those hats on a daily basis. At Crummack Huseby, we expect them to know about so many things to best serve our clients in managing their properties.

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August 2, 2012    Jennifer Norton, CCAM, CMCA    Manager Musings

From calling your Community Manager to determining who foots the vendor bill.

We all know that something might break or need immediate attention in your community. How do you know it’s HOA or Homeowner related? We break it down for you by showing all the steps that are taken to start and finish a work order.

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