February 27, 2017    Jennifer Norton, CCAM    Employee Spotlight

BRITTANY HARMON, Director of Community Management

Often recognized in the industry for her hard work, Brittany raises the bar at Crummack Huseby Property Management, Inc.

Combining fortitude and grace, Brittany Harmon has been managing homeowners associations for the past eight years with Crummack Huseby, leading by example for veterans and rookie managers throughout the industry. Her strengths have also been noticed by the industry as she was nominated two times for the CAI Manager of the year and once for a CACM Vision Award. In 2017, she was the proud recipient of the CAI Manager of Year, Veteran Category.

She’s mixed hard work and passion to create an amazing career. “Being able to work with so many different people from all walks of life creates an interesting and dynamic career. The most challenging, yet most satisfying is learning to create trust and mutual respect from homeowners who may not understand how HOAs are managed.”

Brittany believes there is a distinct difference between other companies and Crummack Huseby, where she and her colleagues pour their hearts into their communities and take pride in getting to know residents and Board of Directors to build lasting relationships.

There’s also the financial side of management that Brittany enjoys, where she can strategize as the community ebbs and flows, taking into consideration the finances for a strong balance sheet.

“I enjoy being able to look back on my day and see that I helped my residents solve a problem or turn a task they thought may be lengthy into something that was quick and easy.”
- Brittany Harmon, Director of Community Management

5 Facts about Brittany!

  1. She currently serves on the CAI Programs Committee to help provide educational seminars to the industry.

  2. Brittany is an avid golfer and won an award for having the “Longest Drive” at the CAI Golf Tournament.

  3. If Brittany was able to move her office anywhere, it would be right on a tropical beach with the sand in her toes.

  4. If she wasn’t managing communities, Brittany would be a baker. She loves creating fun desserts and brings them into the office. We’re thinking of adding a clause to her contract to require that she bring a monthly treat!

  5. Brittany is able to unwind after a long day by taking her Jack Russell Terrier, Lucy, for a long walk. 


Pictured from left to right: Allison Lewis of Pilot Painting, Brittany Harmon and Heather Brown of Crummack Huseby Property Management and Mike Bancroft of Patrol One

Photo by Christopher Broek www.broekphoto.com

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