December 4, 2020    Crummack Huseby News, Lifestyle

The threat of a fire is at the forefront of our minds during the windy season. We drive by the fire department or see a fire truck and wave, grateful they're there but hoping you don't have to call on them.  We never think a fire could happen to us until it does.

Baker Ranch Community Association found themselves in need of our firefighters during the Silverado Fire back in October. The residents of that community were forced to evacuate their homes and find safe refuge. It was a horrible experience to think that everything you own could go up in flames, and every resident clung to their loved ones, grateful to be physically safe from harm's way.

And then the heroes arrived. 

The courage from our first responders did not go unnoticed on that day, and for many days after. Because of their commitment and bravery, there was not one single home in Baker Ranch that was burned. Each and every single person and residence was saved from the blazes of the Silverado Fire. Our firefighters give everything for us and Baker Ranch knew they wanted to honor them for all they did.

On National Appreciation Day, the community of Baker Ranch hung banners, wrote letters, and decorated the neighborhood with signs of appreciation for these lifesaving men and women. We know their calling puts their lives at risk for us, putting the needs of the community above all else, and we are so grateful for that.

On behalf of the Baker Ranch Community Association, we share this video with them today, but we appreciate their courage every single day.



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