June 1, 2017    Homeowner Tips

It’s officially BBQ season in SoCal with all the outdoor holidays packed into the next 3 months. So how do you make it feel fun and special for Father’s Day? We have some tasty tips and games that are fun and inviting for the whole family.


Add Some Beer

We found a great way to add beer without the booze in this yummy dip from Taste Home, and it only has 4 ingredients. The easier is better! In a large bowl, beat 2 packages of cream cheese, 1/3 cup of non-alcoholic beer and 1 packet of ranch dressing mix until smooth. If you feel inspired, stir in 1 cup of shredded cheddar cheese.  It’s “beer” dip at its best!


Make it a Game Day

Before the BBQ, send out five questions to your guests to ask their kids about their dad. Then at the BBQ, have the dads guess how many questions their kid(s) will get right. Reveal the answers for some interesting insight into how well our kids really pay attention. Some fun questions are: If your dad was a superhero, which one would he be? What is your dad’s favorite vacation spot? What is your dad’s favorite food?  How much do you think your dad weighs?


When it Comes to a Raffle, Lay it on Thick

Have every dad bring a bottle or jar of their favorite BBQ sauce with a story of why they love it so much or when they discovered it. Put all the jars in a basket and raffle it at the end of the BBQ. If you prefer not to have a raffle, you can come up with other contests to win the basket of BBQ sauces. One idea is to fill a mason jar with beans and have all the dads guess how many are in it. Have fun with it!


Think Like a Tool

Blindfold a dad and have their kid(s) grab any tool from a toolbox. The child must describe the tool to their dad, hoping he guesses it right. You can make it more suspenseful by adding a timer and/or letting the dads guess as many times as they can in an allotted time.


Show Them the Money

Now that we’ve become so dependent on credit cards, paying apps, etc…hardly anyone carries cash with them anymore. That’s what makes this game so much fun. Have the kids guess how much cash is in their dad’s wallet. The winning kid gets a prize or just bragging rights.


There Are No Rules, Except for These…

Check with your HOA to make sure you’re following all rules regarding the BBQ and the common areas. Check for rules about alcoholic beverages or glass bottles in the common or pool areas. If you need to reserve the common area, make sure you do so ASAP, or perhaps you can join in if it’s already reserved. Whatever you decide, have fun!


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