Do One Neighborly Thing Today!

September 28, 2016    Homeowner Tips

September 28th: National Good Neighbor Day

Today we celebrate good neighbors! September 28th was made an official holiday in 1978 and is celebrated by communities around the country. Crummack Huseby knows how valuable a good neighbor is, and we encourage everyone to participate in their community. Whether you celebrate your neighbor today or throughout the year, here are 4 easy ways to reach out and be a good neighbor.

  1. “Hello” and “Have a Good Day” Goes a Long Way
    Take a moment to look up from your phone and greet your neighbor, your work neighbor, or anyone in your neighborhood.
  2. Post It 
    Okay, you can easily put a nice note on a post-it and leave it on your neighbor’s door or car, but you an also use Facebook and post something kind about your neighbor. Or maybe ask for a recipe in a fun way, “Hey, I’m jealous of that steak you were grilling. What’s your trick?”
  3. Treat Them Kindly 
    Bake some treats or buy some from the store. It’s the gesture that counts and when they see a sweet treat on their doorstep, you’ll get major “good neighbor” points.
  4. Bring Your Neighborhood Together
    Another great way to make your neighbors feel like they are part of a real community is to host or organize a neighborhood activity. A potluck, a swim party, a holiday party in the community recreation area, etc.  When the neighborhood can get together they are able to share some laughs, smiles, and good times that they will remember throughout the year until the next National Good Neighbor Day when there will be a whole new set of memories to make.

When it all comes down to it, every gesture has your own personal stamp on it. 

If you want help with community ideas, we’re here to help bring your neighborhood together.


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