El Niño Tips to Keep Your Home and Family Safe

November 1, 2015    Crummack Huseby News, Homeowner Tips, Safety

Protecting your property is important to us. Utilizing our 16 years of experience, we’ve complied the most helpful tips to keep your home and family safe.

  • Use sandbags to line your property.

  • If you live on a hill, cover it with plastic sheeting to help to redirect the water away from your home.

  • Make sure there are no bald spots in your yard or around your property that could contribute to a mudslide. 

  • Turn off sprinklers before rains arrive and keep them off to avoid unnecessary run-off.

  • Clean out all rain gutters to keep water away from the house.

  • Check all windows and roofs for a proper seal to prevent water damage inside the home.  Keep an emergency number of a trusted roofer on your refrigerator for ease of reference. Do the same with a landscaper in case of a fallen tree.

  • Store any outdoor furniture, so they do not blow away or get damaged during storms.

  • Relocate any decorative outdoor items from short walls, seat walls, ledges or other locations where they could be blown down and broken.

Be Prepared for Power Outages:

  • Have flashlights and batteries on hand; One for each family member so they each have their own light source. Candles are not recommended as they pose a fire threat.

  • Non-perishable foods. Just remember the can-opener!

  • Plenty of bottled water; rules of thumb is to have one gallon of water pp/per day on hand.  It’s better to have more than less.

  • Fully charged extra battery for cell phone(s)

  • List of emergency response resources in your area saved on automatic dial on your cell phone.

By taking preventative steps now, you could protect your home from damage. Contact your Community Manager with any questions or concerns. Plus, discuss with the Board any solutions you may have to ready your property before the coming storms.  



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