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Every year, no matter which SoCal city you live in, you’ve watched the news about your city or surrounding city being on high alert during fire season. That’s the bad side of living with 284 sunny days a year. But did you know how most fires are caused in Orange County? According to the Orange County Fire Authority, “Cooking fires are the leading cause of fires, fire injuries and fire deaths in Orange County.”

As a public service to our community, we’ve compiled a fire safety list from and KidsHealth.Org to help raise awareness. We encourage you to share this with your family, neighbors, and community. 


Cooking Safety

"Keep an eye on what you fry." Stay in the kitchen when frying, grilling or using an open flame. suggests you always supervise kids while cooking and practice safe cooking habits — like turning all pot handles in so they can't be accidentally knocked over and not wearing loose-fitting clothing that could catch fire around the stove.


Children Playing

Although most lighters come with safety measures, it’s very easy for kids of all ages to be curious about them. It’s best for lighters, fireplace lighters, and matches to be locked away in a safe place where only adults can reach them.


Fireplaces, Space Heaters, Baseboards, etc

"3 feet from the heat." It’s so much easier to remember when there’s a saying, right? Keep furniture, curtains, or anything that could catch fire are at least 3 feet from any type of heat source.


Electrical Safety

With so many electronics in our homes, and with so many of them wireless, we forget that we actually do plug them in. When you do plug them in, make sure you are using the proper attachments or safe power strips. For large and small appliances, they recommend plugging directly into wall outlets—not into power strips.


Test & Change Smoke Alarms and CO Detectors

Change smoke alarm batteries every year unless it has a long-life battery and replaces smoke alarms every ten years. Most people test their alarms twice a year but try to make it a habit to test your smoke alarms each month. If they're not working, they can't get you out the door.


Home Fire Escape Plan & Awareness

At least twice a year, practice your fire escape plan with all family members. Make sure everyone can escape in two minutes or less. According to, kids should learn to: Cover their mouths and noses with a moist towel or an article of clothing to keep out dangerous fumes while evacuating; crawl under the smoke to safety, staying as low to the ground as possible (smoke always rises); touch any door (not the doorknob) to see if it is hot, and if it is, not to open it — find another exit; locate the nearest stairway marked "Fire Exit" if they live in an apartment building.


Check Your City’s Fire Danger Rating

From “Low” to “Extreme” your city is being graded on a daily basis. “Moderate” is Fires can start from most accidental causes. Fires in the grass will burn briskly and spread rapidly on windy days. Brush and timber fires spread slowly to moderately fast. Piles of brush or debris may burn hot. Fires are relatively easy to control and are not likely to become serious.


Have a Firefighter Speak to Your Community

If your community would like for a firefighter to go over all the fire safety precautions, your local Orange County firefighter can come to speak to your group. Find more information at


Be safe!

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