November 17, 2016    Homeowner Tips


Being a great host without feeling like a butler


1. Imperfect is Perfect

Don’t sweat the small stuff at home. It’s okay if you can’t get the crayon markings off the wall, or your coffee pot isn’t brand new. Your guests are there to visit, not to buy your house. 

2. Let Them Feel Almost at Home.

It should be okay if they leave their shoes in the living room, or don’t fully clean up the bathroom area after getting ready. Just make sure you use the “rules of the house” for the things that matter, like red wine on a white couch.

3. Leave Things Out.

Guests feel uncomfortable asking a million questions when they don’t know where anything is, so you can save each of you the hassle by making it easy to locate items. Leave towels out on their bed, leave the coffee out next to the coffee maker for those early risers, and have an extra key made so no one accidentally gets locked out.

4. Helping with Housekeeping.

If they offer to help clean up after a meal, or offer to pick-up dinner as a “thank you” for hosting them, let them! Don’t hesitate to answer honestly if they ask what you like. We’ve been given everything from fresh flowers to restaurant gift certificates, or even offering to pay the tab for a night out!

5. Know Your Departure.

Having people you love in your house can still feel crowded after a couple of days. Don’t hesitate to do things on your own in order to get some space, but be aware of people’s feelings too. Saying you have a personal errand to run or hitting the gym is a great reason to go solo. 



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