HOW TO HOST A POOL PARTY. Safety before swimming is key.

April 24, 2018   


One of the perks of your HOA is a pool, which means everyone wants you to host a pool party during those hot summer days. If you’re planning on having people over, here are some guidelines to consider for everyone’s safetyin and around the water.


  • You are the host and therefore responsible to let attendees know what to expect before they get there. Be clear on what they should bring (towels, pool toys, etc), where they should park, what time they should arrive, and what time the party is over.
  • Yes, it’s your party but adults should be responsible for themselves, and children should be watched by their parents.
  • Book a certified lifeguard in advance. Do this even if it’s not only a kids’ party, just to be extra safe as many adults can’t swim. This also alleviates some stress on you, the host.



  • First things first, let everyone know ANY safety rules set by the host and the HOA. There are so many pool accidents that didn’t have to occur and you want to minimize any safety risks.
  • Let everyone know where the restrooms and/or changing rooms are so you don’t have to repeat it a dozen different times.
  • Make it clear that guests should follow the pool rules set by the homeowner and/or the HOA. These should be clearly stated on signage by the pool.
  • As a courtesy, have extra bottles of sunscreen and water on hand. It gets hot during these SoCal summers.
  • For the little ones, make sure they have swim diapers. One accident can close down the pool for days! Have swim diapers on hand, just in case.



  • Check with your HOA if pool inflatables are allowed like those trendy giant swans and floating donuts. They’re instagram worthy but they may not be okay for your community pool.
  • Water squirt blasters sound like fun, just make sure everyone in the pool is okay with this type of gameplay as their aim isn’t always on point.
  • Sinking sharks or other retrievable toys like “gold” coins are fun for the swimmers. For those who can’t swim, it’s still fun to play this game on the pool steps! Try to avoid games that require running, diving, or horseplaying.
  • Games like “Marco Polo” and water tag work well for kids who can stand safely in the pool.
  • Have fun this summer and practice safety tips around the pool year round!



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