How to Provide HOA Board Training for New Members

March 1, 2023    Education

Homeowners' associations (HOAs) are communities that require careful management and oversight. The board of directors is crucial in ensuring the community runs smoothly. While it's important to remember that board members are volunteers who are not paid for their services, ensuring they have the necessary training to do their jobs well is also essential. Here is a look at how to provide HOA board training so your new members can make an impact from day one.

Why Board Training is Necessary

HOA boards have considerable power over the community and its residents, which makes it more important for them to be properly trained for their roles. Board members may not be required to have any management experience or expertise when elected, but they will need a basic understanding of how HOAs work to succeed in their roles. Through HOA board training, new members will gain insight into best practices and laws applicable to HOAs so they can immediately become valuable contributors.

Types of Training Available

The type of training you provide should depend on the individual needs of each board member and your overall goals for the association. For example, some board members may need help understanding specific HOA regulations, while others may need assistance learning how to handle conflict resolution or maintain financial records. It's also important to consider what resources are available in your local area.

The Benefits of Board Training

Equipping your HOA board with the necessary training will ensure that everyone clearly understands what is expected from them and how they can best serve their community. This will lead to better collaboration among board members and improved decision-making processes, benefiting your association's current and future residents!

Additionally, providing adequate training opportunities can help attract qualified candidates who may otherwise be hesitant about joining the team due to a lack of knowledge or experience in managing HOAs. Instead of having inexperienced directors who could potentially make costly mistakes, you'll have qualified individuals who know exactly what they're doing and are committed to making positive changes within the community.

By investing in effective HOA board training programs, you'll ensure that your new members have all the tools necessary for their roles— essential if you want your association to thrive! Not only will this benefit current residents through improved decision-making processes, but it will also help attract qualified candidates who might otherwise be intimidated by taking on such an essential responsibility without proper guidance or support. With adequate training opportunities, your team can hit the ground running!

Board Member Training

Crummack Huseby provides board training to our clients so that board members have the highest chance of succeeding.


  • Best Practices in HOA Governance 
  • How to Run Effective and Positive Meetings 
  • Communication Channels
  • Decision-Making and Consensus Building 
  • Conflict Resolution and Problem Solving 

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