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October 29, 2019    Sandra L. Huseby, Co-Founder, Co-Principal, COO    Education


Relationships and trust are such an amazing, incredible thing to build.  It can be challenging to build, but it is one of the most rewarding things that one can have in life.  Our business is built on trust and trust is built on relationships.  We must try to make smart decisions that enhance long-term relationships because strong relationships enable us to successfully work through difficult issues and challenging times.

Today something happened that helped remind me how important this fundamental is in life and in business, and how a long-lasting relationship works both ways. 

Over 12 years ago I managed an association because a board member referred us, which was a validation of a good business relationship.  My memory of this man was that he was helpful, funny and great to work with. But on the board he was full of hostility and anger, creating issues for the overall management of the association as a new board member. I thought the relationship we had invested in him was severed. But today, after 7+ years of not talking to him, I picked up the phone to call him.  After he heard my voice, he immediately had a friendly tone.  I may not have spoken to him for several years, but due to the trust we had established over that time, he was open to what I had to say, open to my suggestions.  He was also very honest in knowing how he delivered his messages, "Well, I know I must sound like an a-hole, but that's not what I mean to act like." Did this one conversation resolve the issue? No. Was the relationship we had invested in each other help in this challenging conversation? Absolutely!

I always try to remember that some people find it more difficult to gain trust and build relationships with others. They can have their guard up for reasons that have nothing to do with you! It is typically not because it's something you have done, it is because of something that has happened in that person's life. But if you keep investing in others and build relationships, it helps both you. Although it requires more effort, good relationships in life are a treasure and invaluable in good and bad times.  That’s why we appreciate the strong relationships with our boards, vendors and community members— It’s a two-way street. Go ahead, pick up the phone.



A Southern Californian her whole life, Sandy has deep roots and strong working relationships in Orange County.  Even after earning her college degree in Communications and Business at Gonzaga University, she returned immediately to start her career in community management at a prestigious firm in Newport Beach and worked her way up to Vice President in a short time.

With over 30 years in the community management industry, Sandy has made an impact at Crummack Huseby Property Management, Inc., but has also set a high standard among leaders in the industry.  Her company’s legacy has advanced through her development and implementation of streamlined systems while still maintaining the highest level of long-term client satisfaction.

Taking strategic risks is what makes Sandy so invaluable to the industry.  As a leader and mentor at Crummack Huseby Property Management, Inc., Sandy continues to embrace her own career by becoming a member of the world’s leading peer advisory membership organization—Vistage Group.  Sandy joins this distinguished group to share expertise with other business leaders in their communities, “I encounter new lessons and solutions by helping people at Crummack Huseby Property Management, Inc., and in our community, every day.”  Sandy also holds the industry designation of PCAM and CCAM.



Orange County, California, based Crummack Huseby Property Management, Inc., manages many diverse HOA’s and master-planned communities in Southern California. They have added value to communities by working with HOAs, homebuilders, and land developers through their collaborative and customized approach. Crummack Huseby’s personalized philosophy to community management has allowed them to successfully discover and develop one - of - a - kind programs for new and existing communities.  They offer professional business planning, governance, community management, financial only management, planning, and forecasting services for community associations. They also have been recognized as one of the Best Places to Work by the Orange County Business Journal in 2015, 2016 and 2017. Founders Sandy Huseby and Margo Crummack each have more than 30 years of experience in Common Interest Development (CDI) managementCrummack Huseby Property Management obtained an AAMC® Accreditation status which highlights their focus and commitment to deliver total customer satisfaction.  If you would like to learn more about Crummack Huseby Property Management Inc., they look forward to learning about your community and understanding your needs and how they can best support your community. For more information -  Start a Conversation, email info@ch -, or call 949-367-9431.

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