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September 17, 2013    Margo Crummack    Crummack Huseby News, Homeowner Tips

Whether you are looking to increase your home value with the goal of putting it on the market and gaining the largest return or simply looking to update/freshen your home’s appearance, we have some tips for you to consider! We know that curb appeal not only adds to the value of individual homes, overall curb appeal in community associations help increase values overall for the community and make it more appealing to buyers; not to mention the sense of pride living in a well maintained community brings to you and your family.

Just like your board of directors look at the common areas to keep them looking fresh and relevant having duality between the board’s efforts and the homeowner’s make for a winning combination!

Landscape: Many people don’t think about the fact that plants have a “useful life.” Have you inspected your landscaping lately? I mean really looked? How does your home look from the street? What image does it project at night? If you were interested in buying a home in your community, would your home’s appearance appeal to you? Here are some landscaping tips for you to think about:

Tired, Woody or Yellowing Shrubbery: If you are not periodically fertilizing your shrub rows and keeping an eye out for pests, introducing the correct amount of water and maintaining your plants in the right location for them to flourish, you can drastically cut their full useful life. Consult with your local nursery or home improvement store for helpful tips and ideas. Provide pictures of your home. Does the soil drain well? Is the area shady or sunny? Do you want flowering shrubs or a green hedgerow? The garden specialist can either help you make the best out of what plant material you have or provide some helpful insight into other types of plants that would work well in your yard and beautify it at the same time.   

Add a Tree! Not only does a tree add an appealing accent against the front façade of your home, it can also help cut energy costs if placed in a location that adds shade to the interior. A fun suggestion we found to help you make the right tree choice was to use the National Tree Benefit calculator. Enter your zip code, and the calculator will provide a list of trees that work well in your geographical location and their individual benefits. Additionally, tree-lined streets are more desirable than a street that is devoid of them, which presents a barren visual.

Lawn Maintenance: A yellow lawn, or one that requires mowing or edging certainly does not present well.  Periodically aerate your lawn so it can take in nutrients more readily. Re-seeding of bare spots, along with consistent mowing and edging will keep your lawn looking green and fresh.

Additional Lighting: There are a multitude of lighting options available that require minimal investment. With the availability of solar powered lights, no additional electrical work is needed. You simply put them in the ground and let them do their thing! These solar-powered lights can make a pretty yard accent, while providing additional illumination for the safety of your guests as well.

This article has focused on landscaping, but our goal here is to get you thinking about ways to beautify your property that add value to your individual home and also to the community overall. Below are a few more areas to consider:

  • Exterior Painting – Is your home color faded or is the color combination dated? Is it not in keeping with current colors?
  • Replace your garage door, siding, the front door or windows. (Note: The average return for these projects is almost 72 percent!)
  • Upgrade your driveway finish
  • Replace outdoor fixtures
  • Update outdoor front patio seating
  • Add window boxes (be sure to keep color fresh and blooming.)

With the holidays just around the corner, this is a great time to step back and take a look! What can you do to make your home be the standout on your street? Good luck and have fun!

If you want a sounding board, or assistance with resources, guidelines and ideas, please contact Elsa Marche in our office to see if you need to apply for architectural approval PRIOR to starting improvements to beautify your home. You can reach her at: 949-367-9430 x214 or email her at: elsa@ch-pm.com.

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