Maintain Your Yard Safely

June 20, 2013    Homeowner Tips, Safety

Properly maintaining your yard helps your home and our community look good. Just make sure that safety is a priority when undertaking your landscaping efforts:

  • Clear sticks and debris before you mow. Random debris kicked up by a lawn mower can seriously injure you and those around you. Also, mowing debris shortens the life of your mower and dulls the blade.
  • Replace the cord on your weed trimmer. Your trimming will be safer if you have strong trimmer cords. Always wear eye protection when using a trimmer.
  • Maintain your lawnmower in top working condition. If you find yourself mowing the same areas again and again, it’s time to inspect your lawnmower. Keep a maintenance checklist of important components like air filters, blades and oil.
  • Keep plants and shrubs about five feet from foundation walls, and keep trees at least six to 20 feet away, depending on their size. Plant roots that are too close to the foundation not only cause damage to the structure, but may also attract bugs and mold into your home since they tend to hold moisture.

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