Manager Musings: Ever Wondered What Your Community Manager Does?

May 25, 2017    Jennifer Norton, CCAM, CMCA    Manager Musings

From daily tasks to complex problem solving, we’ll share what you should expect from someone who manages your property.

A Community Manager must wear many hats, and oftentimes change those hats on a daily basis. At Crummack Huseby, we expect them to know about so many things to best serve our clients in managing their properties.

Here’s the short list…

Accounting, general landscape, botany, tree care, landscape design, irrigation, construction, architectural design, plumbing, plumbing leaks, remediation,pest control, termite eradication, parking enforcement, lighting, roofing, slurry sealing, insurance, escrow, real estate, mediation, public speaking, writing, crisis management, community development, multitasking, project management, civil codes and legal issues.

It can be daunting at times, but also satisfying when you can assist a homeowner in reaching a favorable outcome for a complex situation. Luckily, we have many amazing business partners who can help managers navigate the twists and turns of keeping a community in pristine condition. 

So how does a Community Manager stay well informed?

A manager typically deals with the above list several times a day. As communities change, we believe we should also change with them. We participate in continuing education through in-house training at Crummack Huseby, as well as through industry- related classes and seminars for everyone’s benefit.

Our every day schedule changes daily.

A typical day starts with checking both email and voicemails to ascertain the most pressing issues to handle first. We typically have a game plan for the day but that is thrown out the window in about 4 minutes. Once the fires are put out, it is typically halfway through morning where we begin tending to the items that we couldn’t finish the day before or that were brought to our attention that day. We have a company policy to respond back to our clients within 24 hours though in an emergency, it is as soon as possible. Through the day we are also working on day-to-day items for the HOA whether it be landscape issues or lighting repairs that our vendors need to resolve. Many of our tasks are because of a Board Meeting or the Annual Calendar which is laid out at the beginning of the year indicating what maintenance items or administrative tasks need to be performed that particular month.

No two days are alike in this industry and there is always something new to learn. Being able to navigate through the ebbs and flows of the day is the key to being a successful manager. Our team is ready and willing to roll up our sleeves and work with our clients to make their community the best place it can possibly be.

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MANAGER MUSINGS written by Jennifer Norton, CCAM, CMCA, a Senior Community Manager at Crummack Huseby. She has been a community manager for almost eight years with experience in new community development, existing Associations and community relations management. Our goal is being insightful, in person and invaluable to our homeowners and  to partner with them for the betterment of their community.

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