New Davis Stirling Re-Organization goes Into Effect January 1, 2014!

October 24, 2013    Crummack Huseby News

As a member of the Education Committee for the Community Association's Institute (CAI), I recently had the pleasure of co-facilitating with my friend, and esteemed colleague, Janet Powers, Esq., on this important topic!  With over 50 board members in the audience, it was clear there is still a lot of interest and confusion regarding this topic.

While it is true the main intention of dusting off the Civil Code was to improve organization without making too many substantive changes, there are some changes to be aware of.  To that end, I have provided the entire presentation Janet and I co-wrote and presented at the CAI event linked at the end of this overview to review at your leisure!

I have also provided a couple of new forms that you will see shortly in your board books, as well.  The first is called Consent to Receipt of Association Notices and Documents Electronically.  For those homeowners that fill out this form and "opt-in" to receive Association notifications via email, they will no longer will be sent hard paper copies. We are hopeful to gain a great response on this and that you all will see the benefit in the reduction of your copying, postage and paper costs!

The second form is called the Annual Policy Statement.  This form will now be the new cover form that accompanies all of the year-end disclosures required by Code. The change here is that now you have to disclose where you post general notices on site (i.e. agendas, minutes, rules and regulations, etc.).  

Also, we are busy amending your collections and other policies to reflect not only current code, but the new codes as well.  The new codes are to be "grandfathered" into your legal documents.  There is no need to amend your governing documents to reflect the new codes.  You do not have to do anything.

In your upcoming management reports, you will see more information.  The main point here is to know that the codes have been updated, there are some minor changes and you will be seeing more information between now and January 1, 2014, when they go into effect.  We just want you to know we have you covered and we are prepared.

As always, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.  I am always here and happy to help!

Wishing you all a safe and Happy Halloween!  Talk to you all next month!


Margo Crummack

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