February 22, 2017    Homeowner Tips

It’s a hot market in Orange County with another year of rising home prices, increased sales, and new construction. Even if your neighborhood is a “sellers market,” home inspection can make or break a deal. Here are nine valuable tips on pasing a home inspection.


Double Checklist

If possible, give yourself enough time to make a list of all the minor repairs an inspector may notice. Then double check that list before the inspector arrives. Is the toilet getting stuck, or perhaps a cooktop fan isn’t working at full capacity? You may have simply dealt with a couple inferior items here and there but this is exactly what will put a ding in your inspection.

Honesty is the Best Policy

We discourage homeowners from keeping information from an inspector. Let them know if you’ve had any issues in your home, like the bathroom flooding or perhaps the pool was starting to crack. The more honest you are, the more the sellers will trust you as a buyer.

Sweep Your Home

Yes, we mean clean your home but we also recommend you pick up any debris laying around your garage, or even get items out of your hallway. It makes it easier to navigate your home but also shows the inspector that you take good care of your home. If your carpets need a good cleaning or there’s a loose tile in your kitchen, this is the time to make your house look its best.

Permits or No Permits

Show any legal permits and plans for any construction or major remodel done on your home. This may add value to your home sale but also shows the inspector when the work was completed. If you did any renovations without permits, its best to disclose this to the inspector.

Warranties & Invoices

If you had any maintenance work, show the inspector any items that are under warranty. Having that newer roof under warranty can be a positive to the seller. Same goes for any purchases, like a new stove or major appliance.

Appliances Matter

You may think you’re doing the buyer a favor by throwing in all your appliances, but that is something the inspector will look at closely. So make sure to clean out your washing machine and empty your dishwasher. If you have a HVAC unit, they’ll check that out as well.

Give Them Access

Clearing up the clutter will help them navigate your home, but don’t forget to make it easy for the inspector to have access to attics, garages, furnaces, or water tanks.

Find a Place for Fido

Make sure to find a safe and comfortable place for your dog, cat, or any other pet. You want to make sure to protect your pet and the inspector as they navigate all areas of your home.

Should You Stay or Go?

The vote is 50-50 on this one. Some realtors suggest you walk with the inspector while keeping your distance, just in case they have any questions that could help pass the inspection. Others like to give inspector their space and perhaps stay in one location so it’s easy for the inspector to find them. We know some realtors who like to be there as well! Ultimately, do what feels comfortable for you.



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