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September 29, 2019    Erin Rice, Controller    Crummack Huseby News, Homeowner Tips


One of the top 100 movie quotes of all time is from the 1967 film Cool Hand Luke, where Strother Martin tells Paul Newman "What we've got here is a failure to communicate."   This quote is so famous that Guns N' Roses used it in their 1990 hit song Civil War, I've quoted it countless times, and I've heard others quote it as well.  This quote is so often used because communication is the driving force of any successful venture, personal or profitable.  Lack of communication is the cause of 65% of all divorces and 50% of employee dissatisfaction. 


With appropriate respect for confidentiality, Crummack Huseby shares information freely throughout our organization.  The more people know, the better we can collaborate and the smarter we can be at solving issues for homeowners.  We like to remind ourselves to ask, "Who else needs to know this?"


As employees, there are so many things we need to know.  We need to know how to use the computer system; we need to know who does what in our organization, we need to know who our clients are and most importantly we need to know how the coffee maker works!  As humans, we also want to know why.  We need to know why we do what we do, we need to know why we're making changes, and we need to know why what we do matters.   


The “how” is usually fairly straightforward, as you just need to follow the correct series of steps to achieve success.  But even the “how” can be frustrating if we don't know where to go to find that series of steps.  Employees spend about 20% of their time looking for information! Make the "how" more accessible and you’ll have greater productivity for everyone. 


That is why we are currently in the process of writing procedures for our new software platform while sharing information with everyone at Crummack Huseby.  When everyone contributes a series of steps to enhance the procedures, we get a one-stop shop of knowledge where everyone can go to find out "how." 


The “why” is a bit more complicated as it deals with thoughts, feelings and abstract ideas.  This is where the communication-rubber really hits the road.  It is in discussing these abstract ideas where we allow ourselves that necessary function of connecting personally.  When we come together and discuss why we do what we do, because we love to help homeowners have a safe and beautiful neighborhood to live in is a worthwhile endeavor, we satisfy our need to know why. Plus, we have a true desire to feel like we are part of something larger than ourselves.  The act of sharing ideas individually or in groups provides the platform for innovation, creative problem solving, better productivity, and camaraderie among teammates.


Aristotle said, "nature abhors a vacuum," meaning that nature will rush to fill any space it perceives as empty, even if it only fills it with air.  Stay true to nature this week and rush to fill that vacuum with knowledge.  Talk to your co-workers, tell them what's not working right, or discuss the new thing you figured out how to do, chances are you will learn something useful, or you'll make someone else's life a little bit better. And who doesn't want to do that? 


A native Southern Californian, Erin Rice received her degree in Business Economics with an Emphasis in Accounting from the University of California at Santa Barbara.  She began her property management career in the accounting department of Fashion Island Management 25 years ago.  For the last 17 years, Erin has managed accounting teams and implemented new processes. She instituted a policy for her division of 24-hour, customer response time, creating a new company policy for a previous employer. Erin has extensive experience in HOA accounting working primarily with large onsite and newly developing communities. Having worked with many of Southern California’s top builders, Erin understands the necessity of incorporating the California Bureau of Real Estate (BRE) documents into the set-up of a phasing community. 

As an experienced Controller, she believes customer service is key and Erin will be the first to say there is always a creative solution that will both satisfy the client and maintain the financial integrity of the community. “Attitude is everything, and one of the most important qualities in a good leader is the ability to listen.”


Orange County, California, based Crummack Huseby Property Management, Inc., manages many diverse HOA’s and master-planned communities in Southern California. They have added value to communities by working with HOAs, homebuilders, and land developers through their collaborative and customized approach. Crummack Huseby’s personalized philosophy to community management has allowed them to successfully discover and develop one-of-a-kind programs for new and existing communities.  They offer professional business planning, governance, community management, financial only management, planning, and forecasting services for community associations. They also have been recognized as one of the Best Places to Work by the Orange County Business Journal in 2015, 2016 and 2017. Founders Sandy Huseby and Margo Crummack each have more than 30 years of experience in Common Interest Development (CDI) managementCrummack Huseby Property Management obtained an AAMC® Accreditation status which highlights their focus and commitment to deliver total customer satisfaction.  If you would like to learn more about Crummack Huseby Property Management Inc., they look forward to learning about your community and understanding your needs and how they can best support your community. For more information email, or call 949-367-9431.

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