March 8, 2017    Homeowner Tips, Lifestyle

You think we would learn by now and have Daylight Savings on a Friday, but nope! It always falls on a Sunday. Here are some tips to keep you from being groggy.


Prepare 4 Days in Advance

Even if you sleep train yourself a couple days before Daylight Savings, you’re still making a good effort to reset your own sleep clock. On Thursday, go to bed 15 minutes earlier. On Friday, go to bed 30 minutes earlier. On Saturday, go to bed 15 minutes earlier. This should help.


Head to Nap Town

If you can’t seem to hit the hay earlier, try to get in a nap at lunch. Even if it’s putting your head down on your desk or closing your eyes, a solid 20-minute snooze fest can renew your sleep.


FitBit Helps

You don’t really need a FitBit, but adding some steps the week before Daylight Savings can help you sleep better any time of year. Walk around the block, hit the treadmill or gym, or take the stairs in your building. Maybe start a tradition in your community, “Daylight Savings Steps!”


Baby Yourself

Get a bedtime routine going. An hour before bed you can take a hot bath or shower, get in some relaxing reading, and chill out in your pajamas so your body and mind knows it is sleepy time.


Get Outside Every Morning

The early bird catches the worm and the Zzzzs! Sunlight helps to regulate your biological clock, affecting how you sleep at night. Studies also show that workers who are exposed to sunlight (window, outdoors, etc) tend to sleep better at night.


Check Your Clocks. Everywhere!

Most phones automatically reset to the current new time, but make sure your car clock, bedroom clock, microwave clock, etc.


Make sure one lost hour doesn't mess up your whole week.

Check out Real Simple's article on How to Keep Daylight Saving Time From Totally Ruining Your Child’s Sleep


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