July 7, 2017    Homeowner Tips, Lifestyle, Safety

Swimming is the most popular summer activity. It’s easy to make it safe too with these tips in mind for peace of mind.

Whether you’re taking the family out for a swim or entertaining guests poolside, there are things to consider. Even if a child or adult knows how to swim, it is best to follow safety rules to prevent accidents, and for everyone to enjoy their summer having fun. For peace of mind, here are a few tips recommended by the National Drowning Prevention Alliance:


Designate a Water Watcher.

It is recommended that parents rotate roles as “Water Watcher,” who should not be allowed to socialize, read, check phone, etc… If parents rotate through in 15 minute intervals, it is easier to keep fresh and focused.


Don’t rely on floaties as a replacement for supervision.

Floaties are often meant to assist your learning-to-swim kiddos, and not meant to keep them afloat with their heads up and out of the water. The U.S. Coast Guard approves life jackets for this purpose, but store bought floaties are not a substitute.


Infants & toddlers should always be kept within an arm’s reach of a parent/adult.

Yup, you need to be in the pool with them.


Here are other tips to consider:


  1. Throw the floaties away. 
    Deckside Pool services communities in Orange County and wants us to share this info from handtevy.com, a Pediatric Emergency Standards group. “…(Floaties) give children (and parents) a false sense of security, and that is not something you want while you child is in the water.”

  2. Give the gift of swim lessons.
    As early as possible, teach your non-swimmers how to swim, how to enter and exit a pool safely, and how to safely float.
  3. Make sure adults drink responsibly. 
    Among adolescents and adults, alcohol use is involved in up to 70% of deaths associated with water recreation. Alcohol influences balance, coordination, and judgment, and its effects are heightened by sun exposure and heat. Source: CDC.gov 
  4. Seconds count—learn CPR. 
    The more quickly CPR is started, the better the chance of improved outcomes. CDC.gov 
  5. Follow your HOA pool rules. 
    As a homeowner, you are responsible for your guests inside the community pool. Your pool rules should be clearly posted and it’s good to walk children through the rules before they go into the pool. 
  6. Swim only when you’re healthy. 
    Part of pool safety is also staying out of the pool when you’re feeling sick, nauseous, or have recently had diarrhea. Although the pool should be kept clean by management, a pool is also a place that viruses can spread.

Additional water safety resources: 

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Source: http://handtevy.com/index.php/resources/blog/58-the-cutting-edge/297-throw-the-floaties-away-stat


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