Six ideas for a Spooky, Yet Safe, Halloween

October 27, 2016    Homeowner Tips, Safety

Here are some great tips for your kids, your family, and your community. Have a safe night out there and we hope the only scary thing you find is a werewolf (in costume, of course).

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Do One Neighborly Thing Today!

September 28, 2016    Homeowner Tips

Today we celebrate good neighbors! September 28th was made an official holiday in 1978 and is celebrated by communities around the country. Crummack Huseby knows how valuable a good neighbor is, and we encourage everyone to participate in their community.

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Four Fire Prevention Tips For Your Home

September 21, 2016    Homeowner Tips, Safety

Throughout the year, Crummack Huseby community managers make the best recommendation to keep your community safe. There are some easy ways you can keep your home safe as well. It only takes seconds for a fire to spread to an entire room. It is extremely important to be prepared if one should happen in your home or apartment. 

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Seven Ways to Protect Your Home While Vacationing

June 30, 2016    Homeowner Tips, Safety

Sure, you can double lock everything, keep your lights on, and ask your neighbors to email you about any odd activity, but it’s wise to go a step further this summer. Whether it’s an act or burglary, or flooded floorboards, there is nothing more daunting than the thought of an unforeseen and unexpected property damage. And while there is no way for homeowners to avoid such misfortune altogether, there are some ways to minimize the risk

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Protecting yourself against Identity Theft

December 8, 2015    Homeowner Tips, Safety

December is National Identity Theft Prevention Month. With the holidays upon us, it's not a surprise that December is the highest month for fraud and identity theft. Many thieves target those looking for seasonal work and/or who buy most of their items online.

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El Niño: Let’s Get Ready!

November 19, 2015    Homeowner Tips, Safety

We have all heard the reports: El Niño is coming. Our dry landscape will get the much-needed rain it’s been missing for the last several years. But are you and your homeowners association ready for it?

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El Niño Tips to Keep Your Home and Family Safe

November 1, 2015    Crummack Huseby News, Homeowner Tips, Safety

Protecting your property is important to us. Utilizing our 16 years of experience, we’ve complied the most helpful tips to keep your home and family safe.

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Holiday Safety Tips for the Home

October 22, 2015    CH Site Administrator    Homeowner Tips, Safety

With the holidays quickly approaching, it is time to get the house in order before friends and  relatives start visiting. Here are some home and fire safety tips to keep you and your family safe this holiday season. 

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7 Minute and 8 ExerciseWorkout While Sitting at Your Desk

January 20, 2015    Susan Finch    Homeowner Tips, Lifestyle

Here are 8 ideas you can do from your desk to raise your heart rate, burn calories and increase blood flow. These can also be done while watching television, listening to a podcast, flipping through a magazine. Then, we'll show you a 7-minute workout if you work from home to get you to take a break. 

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How to Decrease Your Summer Electric Bills

June 10, 2014    Erin Kelly, Pacific Utility Audit, Inc.    Homeowner Tips

Each summer, as temperatures increase and air-conditioning is turned on, the average residential electric bill increases accordingly. There are ways to offset those increased electric bills! Generally, every electric utility company has many residential rates available to its customers. However, it is left up to the customer to find out about these rates and request the rate change for their own account. The best resource is the utility company's website!

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Summertime Safety

May 20, 2014    Patrick Prendiville, CIRMS Prendiville Insurance Agency    Homeowner Tips, Safety

Summer’s here and the time is right for dancing in the streets, having friends over for a barbeque and jumping in the pool -- and, oh by the way, can we use the clubhouse this Saturday afternoon for our high school reunion?

For many people summer is the best time of the year, and the fun is greatly enhanced by all the amenities of living in an association. But, summertime activities present certain hazards for the participants as well as the association. Here is a quick guide on how to manage some of these hazards in order to have the best summer possible. 

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Staying Calm in an Evacuation Situation Keeps You Safer

May 14, 2014    Homeowner Tips, Safety

With the current fires in Southern California, please be mindful of the following important information relating to fire safety:

If advised to evacuate, do so immediately. Take your disaster supply kit, lock your home and choose a route away from the fire hazard. Watch for changes in the speed and direction of the fire and smoke. Tell someone when you left and where you are going. Read more for tips.

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How to Read and Understand Your Association’s Audited Financial Statements

March 10, 2014    Russ Wertz, Founder CEO, Wertz & Company, LLP    Homeowner Tips

The approval of the audited financial statements of your homeowners’ association (HOA) may be intimidating to you as a member of the Board of Directors, especially if you do not have a financial background that trained you in this area. However, if you keep in mind the purpose of the audit, key risk areas for an Association, and the particular areas in the financial statements on which you will focus, you should feel more comfortable while fulfilling this part of your fiduciary responsibility.

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Those weeds could be sucking you dry! Landscaping Water Conservation Tips

February 18, 2014    Bianca Reyes, Villa Park Landscape    Homeowner Tips

On Friday, January 17 Governor Jerry Brown declared a drought emergency for California. What does this mean for homeowners in Southern California where water is already a precious commodity? In the next couple of months we will begin to see price increases as well as new restrictions being placed on our water consumption. As a landscape contractor we continuously strive to have our irrigation systems working as efficiently as possible but our reach only extends insofar as your common areas. Are you doing your part to help lower the water consumption in the landscape for your home?  There are tips and tricks we use to help conserve water in your community’s common areas that can also be applied to your residence.

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Bare walls or walls in, do you know the difference and which you are?

January 15, 2014    Patrick Prendiville, Prendiville Insurance Agency    Homeowner Tips

Let’s face it. Reviewing your insurance does not rank high up on the list of pleasurable experiences. We get that. However, an insurance policy that does not cover you properly can be a considerable expense and sometimes a financial catastrophe.  Add in to this equation an Association having a large or minor affect on the decision process of what to buy and there can be some confusion.  Hopefully, this short list of considerations for condo unit owners, single family residence owners and landlords, will make the process easier.

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Preparing Your Home for Winter: Timing is everything.

October 10, 2013    Homeowner Tips

The changing of seasons is the perfect time to get your home’s systems prepared for colder temperatures. This winter, make certain that your home is ready to withstand whatever Southern California brings to keep all of your systems running as efficiently as possible.

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Looking to add value and beautify your home?

September 17, 2013    Margo Crummack    Crummack Huseby News, Homeowner Tips

Whether you are looking to increase your home value with the goal of putting it on the market and gaining the largest return or simply looking to update/freshen your home’s appearance, we have some tips for you to consider! We know that curb appeal not only adds to the value of individual homes, overall curb appeal in community associations help increase values overall for the community and make it more appealing to buyers; not to mention the sense of pride living in a well maintained community brings to you and your family.

Just like your board of directors look at the common areas to keep them looking fresh and relevant having duality between the board’s efforts and the homeowner’s make for a winning combination!

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Budget "DUES" and Don'ts

September 13, 2013    Karen A. Kannen, Harle, Janics & Kannen    Homeowner Tips

It’s that time of year again . . . no, not Halloween, it’s time to prepare your association’s 2014 budget! This is often a challenging task for directors. Expenses increase every year, yet boards are hesitant to increase assessments to meet those expenses.

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Annual insurance Budgets

September 13, 2013    Jon Crain, Armstrong|Robitaille|Riegle    Homeowner Tips

For Associations that have fiscal years that run from 1/1 to 12/31, budgets and insurance disclosures are looming around the corner. Below is some information we hope is helpful in dealing with this annual requirement.

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Important Information for Boards Regarding Worker's Compensation Insurance Coverage

August 13, 2013    Jon Crain, Armstrong|Robitaille|Riegle    Homeowner Tips

As you may know, it has been a common suggestion for many years that associations may want to consider carrying worker’s compensation coverage. This is not necessarily to provide worker’s compensation coverage for board members or committee members.  The California Labor Code 3363.7 seems to clearly indicate that volunteers of a non-profit private corporation are not considered employees.

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